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Problem & Solution
March/April 2018

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Planting Dates
Problem: You had a wonderful planting-time spreadsheet in the middle of your last issue. However, you failed to mention whether those times are for seeds outdoors, seeds indoors or starter plants. Please enlighten me.

Colby Glass
San Antoniot

Solution: If you look at the heading for the second column, you will see where we say “seed or plants.” All recommendations for planting seed or plants are for direct seeding in the garden.

Missing Garlic?
Problem: I was looking at the planting guide in the recent Texas Gardener magazine, but did not see garlic. Can you advise?

Jerry Ryals

Solution: We have done several articles on growing garlic over the years. In Central Texas, October is the best time to plant garlic, although you could plant as late as January and get a crop. Garlic is trouble-free and easy to grow. We grow ours in perennial beds and harvest what we need in the spring and leave the remaining cloves in the ground to provide another crop next year. For more information, look under “garlic” in our online index.

Cold, Index
Problem: This month’s “Spring Planting Guide” recommends beginning planting some veggies as early as December 14. Could you give us some pointers on the particulars of germinating and growing veggies in these cold temps? Also, how do I access your index?

Jeane Rudd

Solution: We have written about growing cool-season vegetables many times in the past. You may want to look at our index and find those articles. Also, we recommend a copy of The Vegetable Book, by Dr. Sam Cotner. It has specific information on every vegetable you wish to grow, including how to start seed and when.
To access our on-line index, go to
The entries will look like this:

bok choi
  Asian green, Nov 12:23
  plant profile, Jul 04:15

If you wanted to find the issue with the plant profile for bok choi, you would be looking for the July/August 2004 issue, page 15. The article entitled “Spice It Up with Asian Greens” would be in the Nov./Dec. 2012 issue, page 23.

In addition to looking for articles on specific varieties, you can look up articles by author. For example, Patty Leander has written many vegetable articles for us. So, look under Leander and you can find all the articles she has written.