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Cobrahead Weeder and Cultivstor


Many garden tools claim to be multi-purpose, but the CobraHead® truly does just about anything you need it to, from weeding to furrowing, digging to fluffing, de-thatching to designing. High-quality, built to last forever, and friendly to use, it is an all-purpose tool extraordinaire.

Made of heat-treated, high-carbon steel that is professionally ground to knife-blade sharpness on all sides, the "head" of the blade is super-sharp and indestructible. The ergonomically designed handle, suitable for righties and lefties alike, is composed of recycled plastic and wood fibers. This tool makes those delicate gardening jobs a snap (it is often described as a "steel fingernail" able to root out weeds right next to valuable plants and carve perfect lines in the soil), and also tackles larger chores such as digging trenches, laying furrows for the vegetable garden, fluffing mulch, blending compost and other amendments into topsoil, and shaping new garden beds.

Awarded the Seal of Approval from the National Home Gardening Club after hundreds of testimonials poured in from product testers around the country, CobraHead® comes with a one-year unconditional warranty against manufacturer's defects, and has received the highest recommendations from our garden staff here at Park. Try it -- not only your wrists and back but also your garden will be all the better for it!

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