2001 Magazine Issues

2001 Issues of Texas Gardener Magazine


Table Of Contents

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Top Tips for Texas Tomatoes

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Salvias — World Class Perennials

Activity Checklist
Between Neighbors
In Our Garden: Spring Planting
Weather: March/April 2001
Problem/Solution: Squash, Olives, Grass
Garden Events
Garden Exchange: Peppers, Bulbs
Organic Gardening, Part 2
Understanding Soil PH
Marie Caillet — The Iris Lady
Ponds Alive!
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Table Of Contents

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Xeric Gardening: Keys to Success

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Growing Cagey Cantaloupe

Opening Lines: Greenhouse Season Starts Now
Letters: Salty Manure, Tallows, Lettuce
Between Neighbors: Stop the Crepe Murders
In Our Garden: Weeds, Pests and Perrenials
Weather: May/June 2001
Problem/Solution: Turf, Compost, Snails
Garden Exchange: Canna, Okra
A Hoop And A Promise
Organic Gardening, Texas Style: Part III
Growing Basil
Texas Native Herbs
Building A Backyard Sink
Chihuahuan Desert Garden: Jewel Box in the Desert
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Table Of Contents

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Cool Plants For Hot Months

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Fall Vegetable Gardening: Strategies for Success

Opening Lines: Death Of A Tree
Letters: Hornworm, Murders, Blackberry
Activity Checklist: July/August 2001
Between Neighbors: My Lawn, My Passion
Weather: July/August 2001
Problem-Solution: Pecan Trees, Sage, Veggies
Seed For Thought: Lawns, Clematis, Snails
Garden Exchange: Greeneyes, Iris
In Our Garden: Looking Toward Fall
Growing Bamboo In Texas
Exotic Fruit: What’s Worth Trying
Homestead Gardening at Brazos de Dios
Fall Planting Guidelines
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Table Of Contents

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Five Perennials For Fall Planting

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Oh! Sweet Pea: A Cool Season Delight

Opening Lines: Water Plunder…
Letters: Tree Column, Tomatoes…
Activity Checklist: Sept/Oct 2001
Between Neighbors: My Polish Garden in Texas
Weather: Sept/Oct 2001
Problem-Solution: Lanky Natives, Satsuma…
Seed For Thought: Peppers, Demo Garden…
Garden Exchange: Crimum, Hens & Chickens
Garlic Galore!
Ebony Spleenwort: A Fern For All Seasons
What’s New With Grapes
Companion Planting: Fact Or Fiction?
Five Terrific Garden Inventions

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Table Of Contents

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Basic Soil Building 101

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Spring Reseeding Annuals

Opening Lines: Gardens Of The Heart
Letters: Bamboo Concern, Companions…
Activity Checklist: Nov/Dec 2001
Between Neighbors: There’s One In Every Neigborhood
Weather: Nov/Dec 2001
Problem-Solution: Seeds, Grass, Snakes…
Seed For Thought: Roses, Directory, Pests, Change…
In Greg’s Garden: Heirloom Bulbs For Texas
Garden Events: Gourds
Growing A Portable Salad Garden
Medicinal Herb Gardens Of The ABC
Delicious Delicata
Much more!…