2002 Magazine Issues

2002 Issues of Texas Gardener Magazine


Table Of Contents

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Hand-me-down Plants

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Growing Tomatoes Organically

Opening Lines: It’s All About Dirt
Letters: Sources, Gifts, Natives
Activity Checklist: Jan/Feb 2002
Between Neighbors: My Grandma’s Garden
Weather: Jan/Feb 2002
Problem-Solution: Mildew, Pears, Lilies
Seed For Thought: Habitat, Varieties, Maple
In Greg’s Garden: Cottage Gardening
Garden Events: Plant Sale, Herbs…
Truth in Tilling
Spring Planting Guide
Trap Cropping
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Table Of Contents

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Vertical Gardening

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Laura Bush Petunia

Opening Lines: Think Outside the Box
Letters: Poinciana, Mallows, Poo Pets
Activity Checklist: March/April 2002
Between Neighbors: Flowers for the Soul
Weather: March/April 2002
Problem-Solution: Vandals, Pruning, Grass Seed
Seed For Thought: Saving Backs, Trees
In Greg’s Garden: Rising Stars
Garden Events: Festivals and Flings
Dale Clark: Butterfly Man of Texas
Berries For Texas
Watersaving Wonders
Tomato Bush Petunia
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Table Of Contents

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The Fragrant Garden

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Growing Pumpkins and Decorative Winter Squash

Opening Lines: A Fine, Thin Line
Letters: Houston, Dangers, Toxicity
Activity Checklist: May/June 2002
Between Neighbors: Landscape a Legacy
Weather: May/June 2002
Problem-Solution: Mulch, Peppers, Onion Maggots
Seed For Thought: Grow Green, Lightning Bugs, Quilts
In Greg’s Garden: Fowl Weather Gardens
Garden Events: Shows, Fests and Tours
Five Fantastic Fireproof Greens
Medina Garden Nursery
Ruellia: A Gardening Windfall
Some Like It Hot!
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Table Of Contents

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Fall Gardening: Texas Style!

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Texas Bluebell: Tough, Beautiful

Opening Lines: Grasshoppers Gone to the Birds
Letters: Ponds, Asparugus, Toxic Plants
Activity Checklist: July/Aug 2002
Between Neighbors: English Garden
Weather: July/Aug 2002
Problem-Solution: Bugs, Tomato Woes, Rose Fungus
Seed For Thought: Wildlife, Historic Tree, Fungicide
In Greg’s Garden: Blue Ribbon Winters
Garden Events: Dinos, Orchids, Sales
Festival Hill Herb Gardens
Seed Saving Secrets
Multiply Plant Favorites
Tree Care: Bare Versus Container
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Table Of Contents

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Extending the Growing Season

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Beyond Mums: Fall Blooms For Butterflies

Opening Lines
Letters: Bugs, Garden Web
Activity Checklist: Sept/Oct 2002
Between Neighbors: The Little Elms That Could
Weather: Sept/Oct 2002
Problem-Solution: Brown Spot, Valley, More Hoppers
Seed For Thought: Pruning, Aggies, Ruellia
In Greg’s Garden: Confessions Of A Plant Russler
Garden Events: Cactus, Bulbs, Herbs
The Sweet Life At Sweet Berry Farm
Standing Cypress
Growing Fruit For Profit
Texas Based, Texas Good
King Cole: Fall’s Cool Crop
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Table Of Contents

Opening Lines: The Enabling Garden
Letters: Bell Peppers, Index, Kaolin Clay
Activity Checklist: November/December 2002
Between Neighbors: Mom’s Greatest Gift
Weather: November/December 2002
In Greg’s Garden: By George, He Did It!
Problem/Solution: Grubs, Pruning Oaks, Bean Damage
Seeds For Thought: West Nile, False Schefflera
Coppell Community Gardens
Village Farms: A Texas-Sized Tomato Patch
Try Cyclamen: For Winter-Long Color
Fort Worth Botanic Gardens
Mexican Avocado: A Devine Experiment
Columbines: A Glimpse Of Paradise
Growing Trouble-Free Pears
Sprout An Indoor Garden

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