2003 Magazine Issues

2003 Issues of Texas Gardener Magazine


Table Of Contents

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Ten Secrets for a Successful Spring Garden

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Annual Vines

Opening Lines: Window of Opportunity
Letters: Corrections, Family Tree, more…
Activity Checklist: Jan/Feb 2003
Between Neighbors: Yellow Buttons
Weather: Jan/Feb 2003
Problem-Solution: Persimmons, Hoppers, more…
Garden Events
Spring Planting Guide
Growing Great Peaches
Grown Your Own Herbal Spa
My Secrets To Growing Great Roses
Pure Parsons: Hort Maverick Uncut
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Table Of Contents

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Peppers: The Hottest Thing in the Garden

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Cardinal Flower: A Moisture-Loving Native

Opening Lines: So, You Want To Go Organic
Letters: Rose Feeding, Success, Cactus, more…
Activity Checklist: March/April 2003
Between Neighbors: Of Wrens and Men
Weather: March/April 2003
Problem-Solution: Blackspot, Deer, Worms, more…
Garden Events: Workshops, Tours, Sales
Beneficial Insects: The Good Guys of our Gardens
Going For The Gold: Blackberry, That Is…
Firebush: Setting the Garden Ablaze
Plant Something New: Twelve Lesser Known Herbs
The Cut Flower Experience

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Table Of Contents

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TAMU: Cutting Edge Collegiate Collection

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Green Beans: The “Blue Collar” Vegetable

Opening Lines: Weeds: A Commonsense Approach
Letters: Antique Roses, Winter Garden, more…
Activity Checklist: May/June 2003
Between Neighbors: Giving Back to a Special Gardener
Weather: May/June 2003
Problem-Solution: Wood Ashe, Rose, Weeds, more…
Garden Events: Heirlooms, Organics
Wildlife Capers: What’s Really Going On!
Water Basics: Tips To Grow On
Shoo Friend, Don’t Swat These Flies!
Guineas in the Garden: Organic Insect Patrol
Rose of Sharon: An Enduring Favorite

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Table Of Contents

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Rhubarb: Texas Style

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Shade Tree Gardens

Opening Lines: Tackling Summer’s Sizzle
Letters: Rain Forest, Pea Sheller, more…
Activity Checklist: July/August
Between Neighbors: Grandad’s Hoe
Weather: July/August
Problem-Solution: Penta, Citrus, Ash, more…
Garden Events: Shows, Tours, Green Land
Fall Planting Guidelines
Second Chance Tomatoes
Yellow Bells: Midsummer Attraction
Secret Agent Herbs: Flowering Plants with Hidden Virtues
Lone Star Olives: Challenges, Rewards
Understanding Natural Fertilizers

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Table Of Contents

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The Secret to Great Spinach

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Beauty from South of the Border

Opening Lines: Moving Plants Around
Letters: Rhubarb, Trap Crop, more…
Activity Checklist: September/October
Between Neighbors: The Rabbit and the Reel Mower
Weather: September/October
Problem-Solution: Tomatoes, Grapes, Sun, more…
Garden Events: Biogeography, Mums
Seeds for Thought: Ants in Your Plants
Citrus Success
Harvesting Your Herbs
Growing Brussels Sprouts
Persimmons for Texas Gardens

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Table Of Contents

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Winter Color

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Growing Great Transplants

Opening Lines: Winter Wonderland
Letters: Rhubarb, Hoop House, more…
Activity Checklist: November/December
Between Neighbors: War-Torn Memories
Weather: November/December
Problem-Solution: Fruit, Tomatoes, more…
Garden Events: Gourds
Seeds for Thought: Love Bugs
Get More from Ornamental Pear Trees
Prune with a Purpose
Sticking with Cactus
Spiderwort From Rags to Riches

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