2006 Magazine Issues

2006 Issues of Texas Gardener Magazine


Table Of Contents

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Dallas Arboretum:
Tested Texas Tough, Picks for Your Garden

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Stuffer Tomatoes

Opening Lines
Letters: Sweet Potato, Violet, Dog
Activity Checklist: January/February
Between Neighbors: The Stinging Truth
In Greg’s Garden: Landscaping For The Birds!
Texas Tough: Lacebark Elm
Weather: January/February
Problem-Solution: Dogwoods, Second Spring, more…
Garden Events: Tomato Program, Azalea Trail
San Antonio Botanical Garden: Exploration Central
Spring Planting Guide
Backyard Fruit Orchards
Flowers From Down Under
Fire Ants Doomed: The Enemy Within
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Table Of Contents

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Five Drought-Proof Plants for Texas Gardens

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Support Your Local Tomato Patch

Opening Lines: Wildfire Lessons
Letters: Ants, Ducks and Snakes
Activity Checklist: March/April
Between Neighbors: What You Need to Know About Gardening in Central Texas
In Greg’s Garden: Henry Duelberg LIves
Texas Tough: Coleus ‘Plum Parfait’ & ‘Burgundy Sun’
Weather: March/April
Problem-Solution: Squash, Whitefly, more…
Garden Events: Master Gardeners, Azalea Trail
Garden Trains Make Landscape Inroads
Daylilies: Colors for Every Mood
The Japanese Loquat
The Shadow Knows
Tips for Better Pollination
Much more!…


Table Of Contents

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Holiday Pumpkins

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Weed Wars

Opening Lines: Drought Lessons
Letters: Squash, Canning Rack and Nandina
Activity Checklist: May/June
Between Neighbors: Grandmother’s Strawberries
In Greg’s Garden: Hot Plants for a Texas Summer
Texas Tough: Plumbago
Weather: May/June
Problem-Solution: Redbud, Peaches, more…
Garden Events: Garden Tour, Organic Show
Landscaping With 2020 Vision
Exotic Vines
Basil: King of Herbs
Chinch Bugs Threaten St. Augustine
Much more!…


Table Of Contents

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Late Bloomers: Best Bets for Fall Flowers

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Grow Gourmet Mushrooms

Opening Lines: Online Newsletter Debuts
Letters: Artichoke, Rhubarb
Activity Checklist: July/August
Between Neighbors: Billy Bob Shakespeare?
In Greg’s Garden: Long Live the Kings!
Texas Tough: Turk’s Cap
Weather: July/August
Problem-Solution: Master Gardeners, Salvia
Garden Events: Garden Tour, Organic Show
Skip’s Tips for Fall Gardening Success
Great Veggies on the Grill
Raising Caterpillars
SMU Gardens
Much more!…


Table Of Contents

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The Big Chill: Tips for Beating Back Bad Weather

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2006 Arboretum Plant Trials Field Day

Opening Lines: Five Tips for Easy Gardening
Letters: Squirrels Whole, Lambs Quartered
Activity Checklist: September/October
Between Neighbors: Poke, Pinch and Pat
In Greg’s Garden: Berried in the Landscape
Texas Tough: Fall Aster
Weather: September/October
Seeds for Thought: Grape Growers, Toad Abodes
Problem-Solution: Satsuma, 1015 Onions
Garden Events: Garden Fest, Garden Tour
Planting Time: Falling for Fall
Passage from India
Pecan: A “Great” Landscape Tree for Texas
Delicious Dill and Fabulous Fennel
Grow Nutritious Cabbage
Much more!…


Table Of Contents

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Trees for Texas

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The Spirited Gardener — Harley Clark of Clark’s Farm

Opening Lines: Water Thrifty Makes Beautiful Sense
Letters: Williams, Deer, Magnolia Pea
Activity Checklist: November/December
Between Neighbors: A-maize-ing
In Greg’s Garden: Pining Away
Texas Tough: Possumhaw Holly
Weather: November/December
Seeds for Thought: Garden Workout, Insect Relocation
Problem-Solution: Armadillo, Gaura
Garden Events: HerbFest, Welding
Winter Soil Care
Valley’s Palms Under Attack
A Lindheimer Garden
Growing Strawberries in Containers
Compost Happens
Much more!…