2008 Magazine Issues

2008 Issues of Texas Gardener Magazine


Table Of Contents

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Jujube: A Fruit Well Adapted To Texas

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Winter Perennial Cleanup

Opening Lines: Take a Garden Adventure
Letters: Limey, Fall, Barb
Activity Checklist: January/February
Between Neighbors: Garden Memories
In Greg’s Garden: Magical Plants for Little Children
Texas Tough: Montezuma Cypress
Seeds for Thought: Evolution, Winter
Weather: January/February
Problem-Solution: Melons, Grasshoppers, Figs
Tomato Basics: From Grape to Grande
The Taste of Asia
Spring Planting Guide
Hardy Palms
Time to Get These Transplants Started
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Table Of Contents

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Figs: A Texas Heritage

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The Diverse and Dazzling Daylily

Opening Lines: Native Destinations
Letters: Caution Advised
Activity Checklist: March/April
Between Neighbors: Open Garden, Open Heart
In Greg’s Garden: Treasures from the Big Thicket
Texas Tough: Coral Honeysuckle
Problem-Solution: Composting Citrus, Moving Irises
Success with Squash
Ferns for Texas
Herb Basics
To Clone a Fig
Beeing in the Garden
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Table Of Contents

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Devil Cactus Makes Good

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Bountiful Bush Beans

Opening Lines: It’s a Great Time to be a Gardener
Letters: Figs, Anoles, Worms
Activity Checklist: May/June
Between Neighbors: Alive and Well in a Truckpatch Garden
In Greg’s Garden: What Do You Want on Your Tombstone?
Texas Tough: Thryallis
Problem-Solution: Star Jasmine, Protozoa
Culinary Herbs
Grape Expectations
Dragonflies: Beautiful, Beneficial
Pest Control Without Poisons
Blue-Tailed Skinks
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Table Of Contents

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Pretty Grasses, Enduring Beauty

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Down(Town) on the Farm

Opening Lines: Fall Gardening, The Texas Two-Step
Letters: Agitator, Citrus Peel
Activity Checklist: July/August
Between Neighbors: Gardening for Buried Treasure
In Greg’s Garden: Changing the World One Garden at a Time
Texas Tough: Shrimp Plant
Problem-Solution: Squash, Rose Border
Fall Veggies Start Now
Strawberries: The Luscious Red Fruit
Grow Your Own Garden Blog
Rosemary: A Real Beauty with Flavor
Fall Planting Guidelines
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Table Of Contents

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Blackberries: Sweet & Juicy

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Euphorbia Euphoria

Opening Lines: Spoiled Plants
Letters: Boggy Creek, Creeper, Cauliflower
Activity Checklist: September/October
Between Neighbors: Poke, Pinch and Pat!
In Greg’s Garden: My Favorite Roses
Texas Tough: ‘Marie Pavie’ and ‘Marie Daly’
Problem-Solution: Tatume, Okra, Thryallis
Peas: Pea Pod Productivity
Planting Native Plants and Avoiding Invasives in Backyard Gardens
Move It or Lose It
A Tangerine by Any Other Name
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Table Of Contents

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Gifts from the Herb Garden

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Best Bets for a Cool-Season Salad Garden

Opening Lines: Texas Tough People
Letters: Ike, Strawberries, Horned Toads
Activity Checklist: November/December
Between Neighbors: How to Winter Ladybugs Should You Decide to Do So
In Greg’s Garden: Bogging Down in the Garden
Texas Tough: American Beautyberry
Problem-Solution: Pear, Cukes, Citrus
Adamsville: A Cornucopia of Garden Wonders and Knowledge
Pears: The Forgotten Fruit
Cuttings: Having Lots of Flowers Free
Grow Your Own Christmas Tree
Much more!…