2012 Magazine Issues

2012 Issues of Texas Gardener Magazine


Table Of Contents

Swiss Chard: Underrated Garden Star

Three New Zealand Plants for Texas

Opening Lines: Searching for Citrus
Letters: Sustainable, Late Plainting
Activity Checklist: January/February
Between Neighbors: Gardening for the Nonstop, Heart-Pounding Adrenaline Rush!
In Greg’s Garden: Loving Lilies
Texas Tough: ‘Mutabilis’ Rose
Problem-Solution: Mole, Horse Apple
Bill Adams: Tomato Tips and Varieties
The Incredible, Versatile Gourd
Spring Planting Guide
Reviving a Garden, Rebuilding Lives
Much more!…


Table Of Contents

Space-Saving Beans: Old-Fashioned Flavor


Opening Lines: Zone Pushing, Maybe
Letters: Bois d’Arc, Spider Mite Blaster
Activity Checklist: March/April
Between Neighbors: Hurricane Ike’s Unexpected Fruit
In Greg’s Garden: Miss Mozelle — a Teacher’s Teacher
Texas Tough: Hardy Amaryllis
Problem-Solution: Horseradish, Asparagus, Henbit
Time to Re-Think Roses
Orchard Dwarfs: Little Trees with a Big Punch
Gardening Stats
Tomato Problem Solver
Texas Tomato Survey
Much more!…


Table Of Contents

Tougher Turf? Go Native!

Tatume: Vigorous, Flavorful Squash

Opening Lines: Making the Most of a Texas Summer
Letters: Green Beans, Unexpected Fruit
Activity Checklist: May/June
Between Neighbors: Drought and Rain in Texas
In Greg’s Garden: Turk’s Cap — The Apple of My Eye
Texas Tough: Rosemary
Problem-Solution: Dill, Wax Myrtle, Slime Molds
Amazing Peppers
A Nonstop Summer Bloomer
Starbursts of Native Asters
Southern Seed Legacy
Cooking with Garden-Fresh Herbs
Much more!…


Table Of Contents

Echeverian Beauty among the Rocks

Second-Chance Collards

Opening Lines: What’s Your Favorite
Letters: Water, Happiness, Coral Vine
Activity Checklist: July/August
Between Neighbors: Secrets in the Garden
In Greg’s Garden: Learn to Love Texas
Texas Tough: Trailing Lantana
Problem-Solution: Zones, Pollination, Loopers
Container Vegetable Gardening
Rose Lady of the Llano Estacado
Growing Sweet Peas in South Texas
Water War: Water-Saving Tips for Gardeners
HoneyDew (and We Ain’t Talking Melons!)
Much more!…


Table Of Contents

In a Pickle? Chill with Dill

A Landscape Full of Lessons

Opening Lines: Are You a Real Texas Gardener?
Letters: Messy, HIssy, Helpful
Activity Checklist: September/October
Between Neighbors: Going Nuts Over Pecans
In Greg’s Garden: Hoarding Memories of the Farm
Texas Tough: Mountain Sage
Problem-Solution: Seed, Echeveria, Peppers
Cabbage: The ‘Grandpappy’ of Cole Crops
Humdinger Southwestern Hyssops
The Dirt on Compost
Seed-Starting at Home
Fall into Spring
Much more!…


Table Of Contents

One Dozen Garden Mistakes to Avoid

Opening Lines: My First Garden
Letters: Containers, Compost, Memories
Activity Checklist: November/December
Between Neighbors: From Pest to Guest
In Greg’s Garden: A Rose by Any Other Name
    Just Ain’t the Same
Texas Tough: Gregg’s Mistflower
Problem-Solution: Plant, Corn Gluten Meal, Mulch
Bill Kniffen Gives Nature a Rain Check
Spice It Up with Asian Greens
Berried Treasures
My Favorite Heirloom Bulbs
Market Gardening from Your Backyard
Much more!…