2014 Magazine Issues

2014 Issues of Texas Gardener Magazine


Table Of Contents

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Trellised Tomatoes: Up, Up and Away!

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South Texas Proud: Habitat Worth Preserving

Opening Lines: Tomato Time in Texas
Letters: Cypress Vine, Quilts, Salvia, Georgia
Activity Checklist: January/February
Between Neighbors: Our Greenhouse Story
In Greg’s Garden: The Adams Family
Texas Tough: Zexmenia
Problem-Solution: Wasps, Voles, Pomegranates
Spring Planting Guide
Crapemyrtle: Queen of the South
An Instant Butterfly Garden
Over-the-Edge Beauty
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Table Of Contents

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Five Easy Herbs

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Building Great Garden Soil

Opening Lines: Plant a Row for the Poor
Letters: Re-Gardener, Over-the-Edge, Digital
Activity Checklist: March/April
Between Neighbors: Words in the Garden
In Greg’s Garden: My Dog Rosie Lives in a Tree!
Texas Tough: Gaura
Problem-Solution: Tomatoes, Roots, Transplants
Keyhole: The Easy Way to Garden
Winter Squash for Summer Fun
Grow Vines Bursting with Flowers
Daylilies That Shine in Texas
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Table Of Contents

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The City-Girl Gardener

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Foolproof Summer Color

Opening Lines: Harvest Time, Summer Color
Letters: Squash, Index, Keyhole
Activity Checklist: May/June
Between Neighbors: Eat Fresh
In Greg’s Garden: My Long, Sweet Journey Home
Texas Tough: Bat-Face Cuphea
Problem-Solution: Hornworms, Weeds, Alfalfa
Harvest-Time TIps
All-Season Aloes, Menfreda and Mangaves
Hot-Weather Veggies
Behind the Scenes at the La Grange Farmers Market
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Table Of Contents

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A Garden of Growth Opportunities:
The Killeen Municipal Court Garden

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Fall-Landscape Makeover

Opening Lines: First Tomato
Letters: Organic, Starting Over, Onions
Activity Checklist: July/August
Between Neighbors: Pass the Anchovies, Please
In Greg’s Garden: Almost Like a Song
Texas Tough: Duranta
Problem-Solution: Mystery Insects, Dodder, Vines
Extending the Season
Fall Planting Guidelines
‘Tycoon” Tomato Named Texas Superstar
Backyard Rainbows
Much more!…


Table Of Contents

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Dixondale Farms: All in the Family

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Where Are My Holly Berries?

Opening Lines: Planting Memories
Letters: New Garden, Bologna, Longtime Reader
Activity Checklist: September/October
Between Neighbors: 5 Steps to a First-Time Garden
In Greg’s Garden: Made in the Shade
Texas Tough: Philippine Violet
Problem-Solution: Strange Tomatoes, Onions, Mites
Sustainability: Families and Gardens
White Peaches
Where Has All the Soil Gone?
Falling for Container Vegetables
Much more!…


Table Of Contents

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Fall: Time to Get a Move On

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Gardening in Texas: They Took the Challenge

Opening Lines: Chow Chow Anyone?
Letters: Surprise, Papayas
Activity Checklist: November/December
Between Neighbors: Tropical Treasure
In Greg’s Garden: Caroline Dormon
Texas Tough: Southern Wax Myrtle
Problem-Solution: Roses, Iris, Grasshoppers
Prepare Now for a Great Spring Garden
Put a Stop to Garden Bandits
Doug Janda’s Hobby Grows Up!
Texas Producers Find New Oil Fields — Olive Groves
Much more!…