2015 Magazine Issues

2015 Issues of Texas Gardener Magazine


Table Of Contents

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Nurturing Bees, Soils with Buckwheat

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A Cut Above: Pruning Tips for Landscape Trees

Opening Lines: My Half-and-Half Garden
Letters: No Waste, Mystery Vine
Activity Checklist: January/February
Between Neighbors: Squash-Bug Battles
In Greg’s Garden: Roses from the Heart
Texas Tough: Crapemyrtle
Problem-Solution: Sandbox, Bur Oak, Onion Trouble
Growing Tomato Transplants
Papayas for Texas
Hot Petunias for Spring
Spring Planting Guide
How to Grow Hardy Hibiscus
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Table Of Contents

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Eggplant Madness: From Thomas Jefferson to Your Garden

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Hilltop Gardens

Opening Lines: What Grows Together, Goes Together
Letters: Drought-Tested, Petunia Sources
Activity Checklist: March/April
Between Neighbors: High on Gardening
In Greg’s Garden: Friends Who Keep Growing
Texas Tough: Salvia Greggii
Problem-Solution: Low Branches, Sick Oleanders
8 Tips for Great Tomatoes
Micro Farm at the University of Texas
Backyard Overhaul: In the Beginning
Much more!…


Table Of Contents

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Grow Native:
A Story of Passion, Persistence and the Love of Native Plants

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Backyard Overhaul: Second Time Around

Opening Lines: Garden Intruders I Have Known
Letters: Peas, Papaya and Squirrels
Activity Checklist: May/June
Between Neighbors: The Beautiful Buntings of Texas
In Greg’s Garden: Crapemyrtles — Rooted in Love
Texas Tough: Salvia ‹Mystic Spires’
Problem-Solution: Palm Trees, ‘Tycoon’ Tomatoes
Better Caladiums Now!
Trisha Shirey: Garden Wisdom with Organic Roots
Biodynamic Gardening: A Journey of Restoration
Water-Wise Turf for Texas
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Table Of Contents

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Show Your Wildflower Pride

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Genesis Gardens: A Hand Up for the Homeless

Opening Lines: Show Your Wildflower Pride
Letters: Irish Spring, Lost and Found
Activity Checklist: July/August
Between Neighbors: Hibiscus, Breakfast of Champions
In Greg’s Garden: Home on the Range
Texas Tough: Soft-Leaf Yucca
Problem-Solution: Eliminating Thistle, Butterfly Bush
Hot Vegetables for the Cool-Season Garden
Fall Planting Guidelines
Galaxy of Superstars
Strawberry Fields Forever: Tricky, But Possible
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Table Of Contents

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Raising Purrfect Catmints

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Rebels of Rockport: How a Group of Gardeners Rose against All Odds

Opening Lines: Don’t Put It Off: Plant It Now!
Letters: Swallowtail, ‘Tycoon’, Hull
Activity Checklist: September/October
Between Neighbors: The Porch Tree
In Greg’s Garden: My Hardwood Forest
Texas Tough: Showy Stonecrop Sedum
Problem-Solution: Avacado, ‘Orange Frost’
Brussels Sprouts: Cold Hardy, Winter-Yielding, Good for You!
New Twist on Vertical Gardening
Top 10 Shade Trees for Texas
Heirloom Elephant Garlic
Early Texas Botanical Pioneers
Much more!…


Table Of Contents

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Cemetery Plants Enliven Landscapes

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Finding New Life in an Austin Garden

Opening Lines: Cover Up for Winter
Letters: Botanical Pioneers, Root Flare
Activity Checklist: November/December
Between Neighbors: Try ‘Green’ for the ‘Blues’
In Greg’s Garden: Cottage Garden Springs to Life
Texas Tough: Cedar Elm
Problem-Solution: Winter-Hardy Wheat, Olive Trees
MicroGreens: Tender-Leaved, Flavorful Seedlings —
   Your Easiest Garden Project Ever
Clean Up That Soil!
   Plants That Do the Dirty Work for You
Composting Made Easy
How to Plant a Tree
Much more!…