2018 Magazine Issues

2018 Issues of Texas Gardener Magazine


Table Of Contents

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The Miracle Tree: Moringa’s Amazing Gifts

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Tomato Trials: Fertilize and Graft for Success

Opening Lines: Wasps in the Pea Patch
Letters: Rosemary, Missing Grower, Bees
Activity Checklist: January/February
Between Neighbors: Gardeing RX for Mental Health
In Greg’s Garden: Ssslithering Snakes
Texas Tough: Paloverde ‘Desert Museum’
Problem-Solution: Nematodes, Squash
Easy Tomatoes
Rose Rustlers: The Book, a Journey Through Time and Places
Spring Planting Guide
Gravel in the Garden
Gardening in Deer Country
Great Compost: The Easy Way!
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Table Of Contents

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Pole Beans: Up, Up and Away!

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Stargate Manor Arboretu

Opening Lines: Everyone is a Gardener This Time of Year
Letters: Prozac, Digital, Fallow, Moringa
Activity Checklist: March/April
Between Neighbors: A Tale of Tomatoes and Mockingbirds
In Greg’s Garden: Rescue Me
Texas Tough: ‘Peggy Martin’ Rose
Problem-Solution: Planting Dates, Missing Garlic
The Tomato Patch: How to Stop Early Blight
Hooked on Hoyas
Fringe Flowers: Undemanding and Beautiful
Showered in Spiders
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Table Of Contents

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Beyond Bell Peppers: The Heat Is On!

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Making Sense of Pelargonium Scents

Opening Lines: Changes We’ve Made
Letters: Butterfly Strawberry, Texas Bluebell
Activity Checklist: May/June
Between Neighbors: Texas Strong
In Greg’s Garden: Peachy Keen
What’s That Bug?: Wheel Bug
Ask Skip: Leaf-footed Bugs, Beer Slugs
Summer Greens: Respond to Heat with Defiance
Salvias: Easy Color, Tough as Nails
Irrigation Repairs: Save Money, Time, Water
Beekeeping in Texas
Shiloh Field: A Growing Lesson of Sharing
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Table Of Contents

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Senior Gardens: Beneficial Harvest

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Garden Color Despite Drought

Opening Lines: An Organic Revolution
Letters: Grafting, Bindweed, Squash
Activity Checklist: July/August
Between Neighbors: The Plants, the Puppy and
  the Japanese Maple
In Greg’s Garden: The Tale of the Bloody Butcher
What’s That Bug?: Cicadas
Ask Skip: Webworms, Lawns
Organic Gardening: Finding Your Comfort Zone
Rescue Plants: Landscaping on a Budget
Winter-Hardy Hibiscus Hybrids
Fall Planting Guidelines
Fruit of the Vine
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Table Of Contents

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Autumn-Season Herbs

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Soil-Building Tips for Green-Thumb Gardeners

Opening Lines: Passing the Torch
Letters: Termites, Bluebonnets, Crapemyrtles
Activity Checklist: September/October
Between Neighbors: My Neighbor’s Gift
In Greg’s Garden: Will the Original State Flower
    Please Stand Up?
What’s That Bug? Lady Beetles
Ask Skip: Fire Ants, Pecan Trees
Salad Greens
Container Gardening on a Budget
Tulip Mania
Tools That Rule!
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Table Of Contents

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Cool Color: Additions to the Reliable Trio of Pansies, Kale and Snapdragon

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The Bark of Winter: Trees, Shrubs Enhance Wintry Landscape

Opening Lines: Gardening Matters
Letters: Tulips, Thanks
Activity Checklist: November/December
Between Neighbors: Plumeria Hope
In Greg’s Garden: Pomegranates
What’s That Bug? Texas Crescent
Ask Skip: Depth, Poinsettias
Radde Tannenbaum Farm
The Triumphs of Early German-Texas Horticulture
Winterizer Explained
Winter-Proofing Your Garden and Landscape
Much more!…